General Advisory

We provide general advisory with regards pre-adjudication preparation by reviewing all the relevant documents, assessing the merit of the claim or defence and issuing the payment claim or payment response on behalf of the party.

With regards to post-adjudication, we provide general advisory on the implication of the Adjudication Decision on a business, setting aside the Adjudication Decision at the High Court of Malaya under Section 15 of the CIPAA or appeal against the dismissal of an application to set aside Adjudication Decision, registration of the Adjudication Decision and the most effective mode of enforcing the adjudication decision. All matters to be conducted in any court of law will be handled by our associates legal firm, Messrs Gan & Zul.

Management of Adjudication Proceedings

We provide assistance to the party throughout the adjudication process starting from issuance of the Notice of Adjudication, nomination of adjudicator, preparing the Adjudication Claim or the Adjudication Response, attending to meeting called by the adjudicator if any, until the Adjudication Decision is made by the adjudicator.

Enforcement of Adjudication Decision

Section 28 of the CIPAA provides that a party can apply to the High Court for an order to enforce the Adjudication Decision as if it is a judgment or order of the High Court. We provide assistance to the winning party to enforce the adjudication award in court of law.

Our Service Charges

First of all we provide a full range of services in helping you to recover your money. There is technically have 2 stage process in recovering your money. The first stage will be the Adjudication stage whereby if you succeed in your claim you will get an award from the adjudicator. However getting the award itself is insufficient to recover your money ,you would have to enforce it in the High Court of Malaya which is the stage 2 process provided by us as well to register the decision as a judgment.

Thereafter if the party who owes you money still refused to clear the sum owed, we will provide you with the winding up services or any other appropriate actions which will be discuss with you after the Adjudication stage. One will have to take note that Stage 2 can only be done by lawyers and therefore most of the consultancy firm outside will be unable to enforce the decision for you as a consultant. Hence, our service will actually leave you hassle free in recovering your sum as all you have to do is to pay the administration fees to Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC).

In order to make your claim easier, we will only charge our consultancy fees towards only when you successfully recover your money from the main contractor, developer or any other related party governed by the law. In any event, if you failed to recover any money through CIPAA we will not charge you any consultancy fees.